5 Modern Garden Ideas for Maintenance-Free Outdoor Living

If you love gardening for hours at a time and pride yourself on an extremely diverse selection of flowers, foliage, and home-grown vegetables, these ideas may not be for you. But, if you love spending time outside with your family and less time actually maintaining your garden, these tips are perfect for you. 

In this article: 

  • Why Have a Maintenance-Free Garden? 
  • 5 Garden Ideas for Maintenance-Free Outdoor Living 

Why Have a Maintenance-Free Garden? 

A maintenance-free garden space means that you can spend more time outside enjoying social time or relaxing without putting a lot of effort into the garden’s upkeep. Not everyone has a green thumb, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Between family commitments, work, and the bustle of everyday life, it’s hard to find a spare few hours to maintain the garden. Other reasons to create a maintenance-free garden include: 

  • Gardening at an older age 
  • Living in a rental property
  • Busy raising a family 
  • Non-gardener or no interest in gardening 
  • New to gardening 

5 Garden Ideas for Maintenance-Free Outdoor Living 

Now, a maintenance-free or low maintenance garden doesn’t need to be boring. The key to creating the correct type of garden is planning. Think about the materials you put into your outside space and what time and resources you need to maintain them. By knowing what time you have available, you can align your outdoor space with your needs. Here are five garden ideas to start creating a beautiful outdoor living space with minimal maintenance. 


1. Artificial Lawn 

Mowing, watering and weeding the lawn all take time. Over summer, you can easily mow the lawn once a week; otherwise, it feels like that grass is getting away from you. The first place to start when creating a maintenance-free garden is artificial grass. With synthetic grass, your lawn will always be green and lush. It’s a natural-looking alternative to grass that requires no mowing, watering or weeding. An artificial lawn is a major time-saver if you want to enjoy the look of grass without the work. 


2. Composite Decking 

Composite decking is made from a combination of wood fibre, plastic, and bonding agents. It’s a cost-effective modern outdoor flooring solution. The main benefits are that it’s easy to assemble, looks great, and needs zero maintenance. It’s durable and non-slip, so it’s ideal for families and running children. As it’s stain and scratch-resistant, all you need to do is mop down any spillages to maintain the decking. 


3. Rubber Play Area

For families and households with young children, outdoor space is extremely valuable. If you want to create an area for kids to play in and not worry about any ongoing maintenance, try installing a rubber play area. These Safety Playground Rubber Tiles are ideal for setting up a safe foundation for play. You can also use them with climbing equipment as they meet the standard for critical fall height. 


4. Outdoor Gym 

Another great way to use our outdoor space is to create an outdoor gym. Your outdoor gym doesn’t need to be overly complicated. You can buy multifunctional and versatile outdoor training systems to suit your needs. The other option is to invest in heavy rubber gym tiles for outdoor training with free weights and kettlebells. There are a ton of different ways to create an outdoor gym. 


5. Outdoor Heating 

Finally, install some outdoor heating so that you can use your garden into the evening and on chillier days. Patio heaters allow you to extend the time in your outdoor living space and are easy to maintain. You can use patio heaters all year with a real flame for extra ambience. 

Whether you’re strapped for time or have no interest in gardening, you can still create a welcoming and enjoyable garden. The key is to invest in surroundings that require little to no maintenance. Then, you can spend more time relaxing instead of looking after the garden. 

August 13, 2021 — Richard McKay