Low Maintenance Garden: Why Artificial is the Real Deal?

When it comes to gardens, it’s easy to think that you need to fill them with plants, grass, foliage, and more. While all of this is great, it does require a lot of ongoing maintenance. If you have a green thumb and love to spend hours in the garden, then choosing a variety of plants and growing your own vegetables makes sense. However, if you love to spend time outdoors in the garden but don’t want to put hours into maintaining it, there are various artificial garden options that look amazing and require little to no effort to maintain. 

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  • How to Decorate Your Garden: Real vs Artificial 
  • 4 Time-Saving Ideas for the Garden this Summer 

How to Decorate Your Garden: Real vs Artificial 


Gardening offers several benefits. It can help you to feel more connected to nature and provide an educational opportunity for children. Gardening can also do wonders for your mental health and create a positive way to reduce stress and feelings of anxiety. 

The downside of gardening and using real elements in your outdoor space is that it can require a large initial outlay, and it takes up your time. There is a great deal of ongoing maintenance from dealing with pests, weeding, mowing the lawn, and watering. It requires a lot of physical energy as well as time. If you have a lot of spare time and enjoy gardening, then opting for real elements in the garden is a no-brainer. 

On the other hand, there are plenty of artificial options that not only look great but mean that you don’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance. This is ideal for a growing family, older people, and those who don’t have the time to spend working in the garden. Not everyone is a gardening mastermind, but you can still enjoy your outdoor space. You can create a maintenance-free garden space that still looks beautiful and natural. 

4 Time-Saving Ideas for the Garden this Summer 


The main reason that many people opt for artificial elements in the garden is time. While some people love to spend any free time they have in the garden, many people want to sit and enjoy the garden without hours of hard work. Here are four time-saving ideas for the garden this year. 

1. Artificial Grass


Artificial grass has come a long way in the past few years. The alternative to natural grass is a maintenance-free option for those that love the look of grass but not the upkeep. Natural grass needs mowing, watering, weeding, and maintaining throughout the year. If you’re wondering what you can do with artificial grass? The answer is a lot of things. You can use it in gardens, balconies, sports fields, and children’s play areas. 

2. Low Maintenance Plants

The key to choosing low maintenance plants is to stick to certain varieties that suit a time-poor gardener. These are the types of plants that require minimal care to look good. You want to avoid plants that are overly sensitive to cold weather and anything that’s fast-growing and involves a lot of pruning. Try some of the following low maintenance plants:

  • Wildflowers
  • Hardy geraniums 
  • Holly 
  • Ornamental grass
  • Hardy herbs like lavender

3. Opt for Composite Decking

Composite decking is an alternative to wood decking. The benefit of composite decking is that it requires no ongoing maintenance. All you need to do is mop up any spillages as they happen and sweep to remove any dust. It comes in a range of colours and finishes to suit any decor. The pre-finished decking is non-slip, even in icy conditions. 

4. Rubber Patio Tiles


Rubber patio tiles are perfect for extending the living space without having to worry about any ongoing maintenance. Outdoor rubber patio tiles can double up as a safe space for children to play as well as an outdoor living space. Rubber patio tiles save money and time, so you can enjoy the outdoors and spend time with your friends and family. 


Although it sounds like investing in something artificial will look fake, it’s quite the opposite when it comes to the garden. You can opt for composite decking, artificial grass, and low maintenance plants and still create an outdoor haven. With today's technology and premium designs with colour options, you can create a modern, functional and unique outdoor space.  If you want to spend more time enjoying your garden, instead of working on it, choosing low-maintenance elements is essential.

August 30, 2021 — Michael Geraghty