Outdoor Mobile Gym Training Camp

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The mobile tactical training camp converts into a portable pull-up rack and Olympic Lifting Stand with monkey bars and dip bars - it has room to carry battle ropes, bodyweight straps, rings, and a variety of other fitness accessories.

The training camp fits easily in the back of a van or SUV and can be carried by two people. It is assembled with ease in less than 30 minutes. Multiple boxes can be connected in back-to-back or side-by-side configurations to accommodate larger groups and more complex structures for the group training.

Key Features

  • Enhances training quality by adding flexibility and dedicated space to specific activities
  • Portable - train at any location
  • Multi-functional
  • Maximum safety and durability with zero maintenance
  • Simple Assembly and user-friendly
  • Can be customised
  • Integrates with Element Fitness Containers


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  • Fitness Centres, Gyms and Sports Facilities
  • Educational facilities
  • Community Centres
  • Military Training 


20-05260 Box Set 1
20-05915 Pillar Li Set 2
20-05799 Pillar Re Set 2
20-05556 Beam Front Li Weld 1
20-05555 Beam Front Re Weld 1
20-05561 Beam Back Li 1
20-05562 Beam Back Re 1
20-01397 Pull Up Bar 1056 D33 50 x 50 4
20-06096 J-cup 50 x 50 2