Outdoor Gym Fitness Rig 2

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Outdoor Gym Fitness Rig 2 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

This Training Rig belongs to our home, garage and backyard gym line of rigs. The rig is equipped with a monkey bar, 4 sphere attachments for grip training, a wall-ball target, premium V-shaped dip bars, 2 horizontal pull-up bars, a climbing cargo net 2 connectors for a climbing rope (included- hemp or vinyl), punching bag (not included) or other attachments.

You can easily arrange space for gymnastic rings or suspension belt training, and a squat/bench press station.

The rig would be suitable for both individual home/backyard gyms and fitness studios/sports clubs that would like to build an outdoor functional training area. Rig pillars are hot-dip galvanized with zinc and equipped with drainage holes, for extra weather protection. Also, you can always equip the station with additional attachments, such as battle ropes, plyo-platforms, disk storage pins, bouldering walls and much more, as well as rearrange the location of the attachments included in the set to your liking. 

Key Features

  • Enhances training quality by adding flexibility and dedicated space to specific activities
  • Portable - train at any location
  • Multi-functional
  • Maximum safety and durability with zero maintenance
  • Simple Assembly and user-friendly
  • Can be customised

Product Description

Element Fitness rigs are multi-use training stations for outdoor gym spaces which provide complete functional and strength training workouts in one place.  With premium comfort, performance and flexibility, the sleekly designed station elevates your training capacity to fully achieve your fitness goals.

Product Specification

Product specification can be found here

Total Mass 471.65

Product No Number
Pillar 80х80x3440mm 2 20-00616
Pillar 80х80x2800mm 4 20-00513
Basic Pull-Up Bar L=1776 3 20-00510
Outboard attachment 2 20-03016
Wall-ball-target (Н) 1 20-00475
Spheres 4 20-02494
Climbing Rope 4.5m 1 00-05002
Dip Bars Premium 1 20-01692
Horizontal Beam L=1776 2 20-00508
Single Pull-Up Bar L=1056 D=33,7 6 20-00129