Safety Playground Rubber Tiles - 40mm

£13.50 £18.90

Designed specifically for outdoors, our heavy-duty non-slip rubber playground tiles are the ideal surface solution for children's play areas, back garden use, recreational parks and leisure centres.

Our premium rubber tiles with UV-resistant particles withstand all weather conditions, have maximum shock absorption and anti-fatigue properties that allow safe and comfortable play free from slips or injury.

Our range is available in 3 playful colours, two thickness and come with dowels for simple interlocking installation and ultimate stability.

Can be used:-

  • School playground
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Leisure Centres
  • Back Garden Play Areas
  • Patios


Anti-Slip and UV-resistant surface for all weather use

Simple assembly

Easy Maintenance and cleaning

Ultra durable

Colours: red, black, and green


500mm x 500mm

Size tolerance length: +/- 2%

Size tolerance thickness +/- 4%

Our playground tiles meet the standard EN 1177 standard.  If using climbing frames or similar a critical fall height chart determines the thickness of safety tile required.  Our 20mm and 40mm tiles fit most CH criteria for standard climbing equipment.