Pro Lawn - Vinca (4m wide) - £11.18/m2

£44.72 £62.61

Price per linear metre - Use our table below for coverage calculation

Key Features

  • Simple Maintenance
  • Easy Cleaning
  • UV Resistant
  • 9 Year Warranty
  • HD backing 
  • Free Samples

Product Description

We all enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of garden greenery although busy lifestyles allow for less time to maintain a natural, grass lawn.


Our ranges of high quality artificial grass solutions provide an authentic landscape of green garden lawn all your year round with minimal maintenance and at budget friendly costs.  Available in a variety of natural shades from deep forest green to meadow fresh sage, there is plenty of styles and colour options to choose from.

Whether you are looking to create a safe play area on a patio and have a basic solution in mind or creating a rich and luscious lawn we have products to suit a number of uses and sizes.


  • Gardens
  • Balconies
  • Terraces
  • Decking
  • Play areas
  • Sports


Material: Blend of polyethylene and polypropylene monofilament yarn in 4 colours

Total height: + 32mm

Total weight: + 2335gr/m2

Width:  4m

Pile Height: 30mm

Pile Weight:  1450

Gauge:  5/16"

Composition:  65% PE - 35% PP

All lawns supported with a premium 9 year UV Warranty


Our artificial grass comes in 4m widths and is sold by the linear metre.  Use our handy table below to work out how many lengths you need to order:

Amount Required Coverage

Amount Required

1 4m2 14 56m2
2 8m2 15 60m2
3 12m2 16 64m2
4 16m2 17 68m2
5 20m2 18 72m2
6 24m2 19 76m2
7 28m2 20 80m2
8 32m2 21 84m2
9 36m2 22 88m2
10 40m2 23 92m2
11 44m2 24 96m2
12 48m2 25 100m2
13 52m2